Pandemic & Resilience Practice

About the Team

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Pandemic Services

Ordering Tramadol From India The Pandemic & Resilience practice which offers a range of services:

1. Post-Pandemic Business Recovery

Overview A full site survey is carried out to assess business readiness in a post-pandemic scenario. This service consists of a full assessment against government requirements and WHO guidelines to ensure that your business is ready for the resumption and staff occupation. A full report is provided to ensure that any risk areas are highlighted and a roadmap is proved to assist with closing any gaps that may be found.


  • Physical Site Assessment
  • Shared Facilities – Lifts, Cafeterias, Showers, vending machines, toilets, communal areas, meeting rooms
  • Staff Segmentation – Social Distancing, Traffic Separation, Desk Policy
  • Staff Travel
  • Location & geographical risk assessment
  • Building Access
  • Traffic Routing in/out – Physical Access
  • Reception Areas
  • Cleaning Protocol
  • PPE Requirements & Supplies
  • Remote Working Assessment
  • Review Business Continuity Plan (If exists)
  • Pandemic Plan (Confirm if needed)


  • Current state assessment
  • Gap analysis
  • Actions to close gaps
  • Risk reduction mitigation strategy & actions
  • Risk reduction roadmap – From As-is to To-Be
  • Executive summary report & findings

2. Pandemic Planning


  • With COVID-19 far from over and talk of the next wave to hit in the winter months, its time to update an existing pandemic plan or business continuity plan and apply the lessons learned from the COVID-19 (wave 1) to create a pandemic plan to protect your business from subsequent outbreaks and the next pandemic.
  • This will ensure that any future response will be rehearsed rather than reactive, and as such reduce the impact on your business, brand and staff.

3. Pandemic Technology Assessment


  • Working from home is the primary risk reduction protocol during a pandemic outbreak.
  • Many businesses either do not have the capability to support this initiative or do not have the available bandwidth to support a full complement of staff.
  • The pandemic technology assessment provides a full technology stack review and provides a technology roadmap to achieve remote or alternate site connectivity and collaboration.


  • Remote Working Assessment
  • Technology Assessment
  • Telephony Capability Assessment
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Remote Access
  • Alternative Site Access
  • Staff Collaboration Assessment
  • Secure Messaging Assessment – Internal and clients
  • Website Client Interaction & process
  • E-commerce Assessment
  • Security Assessment


  • Current state assessment
  • Gap analysis
  • Actions to close gaps
  • Executive summary report & findings

Other Services

  • Risk Assessments
  • Operational Resiliency plans
  • Resilience & Disaster Recovery plans